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Little Girl


Proper love, a clean conscience and a sincere faith, were what Paul focused on in his teaching and discipleship with Timothy. One 5 Ministries will focus on these three attributes. We will instil them into the Kenyan families and people they come in contact with.


“But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith."

 Timothy 1:5

Stewart Family


Sean and Meredith both fell in love with the people of Kenya when they came on separate trips in 2005. Meredith returned to Kenya and began working in the mission field in late 2005.  Sean joined her in August of 2008. In 2009 they were married and worked with different organizations before being led to start One 5 Ministries in 2013.

In 2014 they were blessed with their son Isaiah.


We want the people we minister to, to be discipled in an understanding of their Identity in Jesus, set them free from wrong beliefs about themselves, and give them the knowledge of how to share their gifts and talents with others in their community. Whether that community is their neighbours, family, co-workers, or church. Our hope is to help families become self-sustaining. We want to show them who they are as a child of God. We want them to share this teaching with their neighbours.

Living in a mud hut
Favour, Mum, Baraka


It is also our desire to empower widows in our program. We want to set them up with a business. That will allow them to support themselves and their families. Then they can be proud of their accomplishments and will not need to rely on outside help. 

I am happy because I now understand what salvation means.  All because I learned about my identity in Jesus, I no longer live in fear.

Florence, Kenya

I feel that I am with Christ… I know that Christ stays with me.  I know Christianity is love, patience and humility.  I hold on to the teaching I have been given.

Rebecca, Kenya

Sean and Meredith give the best kind of love and care to those that need it the most.  When a premature or underweight baby has been rescued and needs extra care and attention we call them.

Jedidah, Mercy Rescue Trust, Kenya

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