Increased Faith

This past Saturday, the boys from Mama Jean’s Home, and the staff went to District Hospital to pray for those who have been admitted and distribute oranges to them.  This was their idea.  We were planning a fun day out for them as they have been out of school this month for a break.  Instead of a day of swimming, they wanted to do something for someone else.

A few days before they were to go to the hospital, I (Sean) sat down with them and encouraged them to not be afraid.  I told the boys that they can pray for people’s healing and that their age, and experience didn’t matter.  I told them stories about people around the world who pray for healing and see results.  I told them about children, the same age as them, who pray for healing.  I explained that we all exercise faith in everyday life.  Faith, like, “Chair-faith”.  We all sit in a chair without testing it to see if it will hold us.  We just sit.  I told them that I was excited to hear the reports when they got back.

After getting clearance from the hospital, they entered the hospital and started handing out oranges and praying for people.  First of all, let me talk about the oranges.  Everyone was shocked that they were just giving them away.  Oranges are expensive here.  Patients were wanting oranges, but their family and friends can’t afford to buy them.  When the boys started handing out oranges, they were asked if they were selling them.  When the answer came back, “No.  We are giving them out,” everyone questioned why they would do that.  The boys responded that because they have been blessed by others, they wanted to pass along that blessing.

They moved from bed to bed praying for people and handing out oranges.  If someone was asleep, they would let them sleep so that they could get the rest they needed.  But, as they moved around and the sleeping people heard about the boys and what they were doing, they would call out, “You haven’t prayed for me yet.  Please pray for me!”  The boys were able to give oranges to every ward of the hospital except one.

Yesterday, I asked the boys how it went.  They shared their experiences.  They said they didn’t fear going into the hospital, but felt courageous.  I asked them if they felt anything as they were praying for people.  Some boys felt warmth, one felt so warm that he was sweating.  Another boy said he would find himself shaking as he prayed for people.  That got me excited.  I had never told the boys what might happen when they prayed.  I told them that one of the things I had learned about praying for people is that sometimes, you will feel a warmth.  Sometimes a tingling like electricity in your hands.  The fact that these boys had these experiences without me “baiting” the feeling showed me that God was moving in their prayers.

Another story that was like an added bonus.  There were two people in the hospital that would run away as the boys approached them.  Each time they saw the boys coming toward them, they would find a place to hide.  Before they left, our guys were able to talk to these two and lead them to Jesus.  Just another way Jesus used our boys to further His Kingdom.

There were no reports of anyone getting healed immediately.  But, we will take it one step at a time.  The boys had a great experience, and knew that God was with them.  This situation gave them an increased faith in who their Creator is.  I look forward to seeing how God uses these boys for his Kingdom.  I wait in anticipation for these boys to see a little more of God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.