Regarding O5M

One 5 Ministries desires to provide an experience for young people to serve in Kenya. All the while developing their faith in Jesus at the same time. O5M takes its inspiration from 1 Timothy 1:5. That verse says, “But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”  These attributes are Paul’s focus in his teaching and discipleship with Timothy. One 5 Ministries focuses on these three attributes.  Not only instil them in the people who come from other countries, but also to instil them into the Kenyan people they come in contact with.


One 5 Ministries would also like to provide a better life for the people of Kenya.  O5M will identify families within the Kitale area.  Support through a sponsorship program will then be provided.  There is, as well, a component of discipling and assistance to find ways of being self-sustaining. The methods of self-sustaining can come through connecting with other ministries in the area. Or, in other ways that all parties can agree to, that will be the best for the particular family.

One 5 Ministries believes that relationship is one of the main keys to a healthy life.  We hope that a healthy life can be given around the world. By developing relationship with the widows and orphans in Kitale, as well as the people who come from overseas.  Fostering healthy relationships provides an avenue for discipleship.  It allows an opportunity for people to become spiritually free on so many levels.

Another purpose of O5M is to help young adults to discover their God-given gifts and talents. We will help them apply them to their lives.  The goal is to do this through a discipleship program.  They will live in a Christian community where faith in God and love for others are developed.