Mama Jean’s Boys Home

Jean Williams.  Most people just knew her as Mama Jean.  She loved street boys; her heart was huge for situations and people to help those boys was so evident. We all saw how much God used her and loved her.

Mama Jean rented a home in a community for her, her staff and her three boys: Micah, Baraka, and Favour.  These boys go to school down the road, were fed three meals a day and were loved by Mama Jean.  Mama Jean dreamt of adding more street boys to this home; to get them off the street, rehabilitated from sniffing glue and giving them a chance at a bright, long, future.

On February 3rd, Mama Jean suffered a stroke and fell down some stairs, here in our town of Kitale.  With clotting to her brain from the stroke and hemorrhaging from the fall, God took her home on February 18th.  She left behind her four boys and any other boys she would have rescued in the future.

We have felt that Mama Jean’s Boys Home could and should be under One 5 Ministries (O5M). After discussions and directions with our board, accountability group and prayer warriors as well as seeing what God is doing with this home, we have moved in the direction of having Mama Jean’s Home under O5M.

With the help of God, prayers, and donors, we hope to continue the home in the way that Mama Jean would have liked. It’s our hope and prayer that Mama Jean’s Boys Home can be a place for future street boys who don’t have a home or come from bad backgrounds, to find Mama Jean’s to be a place of love, healing, and restoration.  A home where Jesus is taught, followed, loved, and so present.  We are going to disciple these boys, love them, and train them up to be God following, God fearing men.