Foster Program

The foster program for O5M came about after five-year-old twins were temporarily placed with us.  These children were taken from an unhealthy environment in their home.  The children’s home they were assigned to was waiting for the next phase of construction to be finished, and there was no room in the other buildings.

We were able to provide a safe place with nutritious food and a house full of love.  During their stay, these little ones were able to grow several inches.  They put on weight.  One of them learned to walk in just over a month’s time.  He was not given that opportunity before.

It is the desire of O5M to give specialized care to those who need it.  We will work with ministries who are unable to provide the necessary care to children in need.  We will also take in any children in the sponsorship program that need care their families cannot provide.

Space is limited.  Each case will be determined as they come and only if there is not another child receiving care.