Moses’ Story

Moses was four years old when he came to Mama Jean’s in the middle of 2016.  His brother, Joseph, is also at the home.  Moses and Joseph have older siblings that are staying in another children’s home in another town. The children’s officer assigned to his case, searched for relatives to take them in.  However, none could be found.  Because the other home where his siblings are staying only takes older children, the children’s department placed him with us.

Moses is adapting well to life at Mama Jean’s.  While he likes to play by himself a lot, he gets along well with the other boys.  He has access to food, water, an education, and a safe place to live.  Moses is a quiet boy who only speaks when he truly has something to say.  He likes to play with blocks and enjoys making things with items he finds around the house.  We are grateful for this chance to get to know him and we look forward to seeing the plans that God has given to this contemplative boy.  Won’t you join us in giving him a chance at a better life?  Click the link below to see how you can help.

Support Moses

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