Micah’s Story

Micah was one of the original boys staying at Mama Jean’s when O5M first took over.  His parents passed away and his grandfather brought him to his grandmother so she could care for him.  She was struggling to provide the best life she could for him.  However, when she could not provide an education for him, she took him to a centre to ask for help.  The social worker there contacted Mama Jean and she took him in.

Micah is a great help to the staff.  He is willing to do what is needed.  Whether that is going to the local shops to buy things needed for the home, or doing extra chores around the house.  There is access to food, water, an education, and a safe place to live for him.  He is strong yet silent.  Micah is not afraid to ask questions when he isn’t sure of something.  He enjoys playing games, like cards and soccer, with the other kids his age.  We look forward to seeing the plans that God has given to this young man.  Won’t you join us in giving him a chance at a better life?  Click the link below to see how you can help.


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Micah when we first met him

Micah when we first met him