Community Based Care Program

One 5 Ministries (O5M) will be meeting with prospective families to determine how the needs of the families can best be met.  A sponsorship program will be established. Then people from overseas will be able to assist the families in the community based care program. O5M will also meet regularly with the families. Christian based discipleship and encouragement will be given through the community based care program.  O5M will teach the families about who they are in Jesus, and how to do their part in the kingdom of God.

Eligible families will be assisted to find ways to be self-sustaining.  O5M would like to see the families in the community based care program take pride in the support they are given. It is the desire of O5M to help them to get out from under the oppression of extreme poverty.  O5M will assist the families as long as necessary, with the hope that one day a family can pay it forward and help someone else.

One 5 Ministries will work with a social worker to identify which families qualify for assistance.  In most cases the qualifications will be widows who are looking after their children or grandchildren. O5M will target widows who don’t have the financial means to become established in their communities.

The cost of sponsorship is $50 per month.  Or, two sponsors at $25 per month.  The most common areas of assistance provided by O5M will be with food, school fees, and a water filtration system.  By providing food, the cost of living for the eligible families will be offset.  School fees will be able to provide uniforms, supplies, and/or tuition fees for the child in the program.  The water filtration system will be a great help to the families to have clean water free of water born diseases such as typhoid.

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