End of Another Year

Christmas and 2017 (where has 2016 gone?!?!) are just around the corner. It’s the hustle and bustle time of year of baking, shopping, wrapping, and decorating.

For us, it’s also the time of year, to prepare the 2017 year of finances and budgets and support for our Mama Jean’s Home and the boys who live there.

Mama Jean’s Home is a safe place for boys who’ve been abandoned on the street. Or, have come from abusive or neglected homes. We currently have eight boys living at Mama Jean’s. The children’s department contact us on a regular basis to take-in another boy coming from a horrible situation.

We need your support in order to care and provide the necessities for these boys and any new additional boys that we welcome into the home in the future.

What does it cost to support a boy at Mama Jean’s Home?

The full amount of sponsoring a boy is $150 per month.

Here are the different options for sponsoring one of the Mama Jean’s boys:

Full Sponsorship: $150/month OR $1,800/year

Partial Sponsorship: $100/month OR $1,200/year

Partial Sponsorship: $50/month OR $600/year

One boy can have a maximum of three sponsors. It depends on how each of the sponsors set up their support for each boy.

What does the $150 per month cover for the boys?

Your support covers home and staff expenses, food (well-balanced meals), education (fees, supplies, uniforms), medical care (therapy, counselling), as well as any emergency needs that may arise.

Should you choose to support one of the boys, you will receive a complete profile, picture, and letter from your sponsor boy on a yearly basis. At any time, you can send letters, pictures, and small gifts to your sponsor boy. You can also send an extra donation around his birthday and/or Christmas. With those extra funds we will purchase a gift for him here from you.

If you would like to do a yearly donation and would like it to apply to your 2016 tax donation receipt, please ensure your check/cheque are delivered to the US or Canadian addresses (depending on where you live), NO LATER THAN December 16th, 2016. This will ensure the time of having the checks/cheques processed.

To read some of the stories on our boys, please click on each of their pictures on the Mama Jean’s Sponsorship Page.

Should you have any questions, please email us at support@one5ministries.com

Thank you!

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